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1. New Product Development:

We serve Agrochemicals, Pesticides, Chemical Industry with the technologies & processes for new development. It is the process of transferring scientific findings, knowledge, manufacturing process, technologies, validation etc. Our goals is to help   from one organization (our skills)  to another (to achieve  your need) for the purpose of further development and commercialization of industries products. We have been working with same concept and recently been able to help so many clients to develop the product of the need they have.

We Provide

2. Research and Development (R&D):

We helped stakeholders in technology landscaping analysis in which it helps to understand the market involving a particular technology, the latest development involving such technology. The study would helps stakeholders to take important decision & strategies involving the R&D of a product processes investing into certain areas of technology and identifying Patent trends. As “Research is the key to generate long term sustainable growth for the entire product portfolio”. By doing all kind of research through reading papers, patents, journals a researcher tried to design the required product for development purpose. Every research is base foundation of need, challenge and seeking solution of existing problems, which   is in actual draw attention of researchers to go into deep to understand it clearly, itself give courage to researcher to develop the solution in the form of product and revenue to industries. It does implies so many steps to do so but ultimately aim is to achieve the target.

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3.Third Party Contract Research:

We offer third party contract research services to develop processes based technology know how or to scale-up and optimize existing processes for full commercial production.

  • Research facilities
  • Scale up services
  • Kilo Labs
  • Pilot labs
  • Analytical Services
  • Quality validation
  • Support on quality development

We Provide

4. Innovation and Validation:

We are here to serve for Innovative product development which   is the process of applying digital product engineering to a business’s innovation goals, thereby transforming innovative ideas into reality. Here we are convert idea and need to product It entails all activities involved in turning a concept for new and better user experiences into real-world products. Innovation is an incremental process where an existing product, process or idea is developed further. New product functions or designs are added to a product range as a means of gaining market share. Innovation for every industry  is likely to result in lower costs, and therefore, prices.

By developing innovative Product it should be validated by instrumental aspects or by user by followed several methods i.e

  • Purpose
  • Research
  • Procedure
  • Development
  • Quality

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5. Failure/Root Cause analysis:

We helped to provide services in evaluating various causes to determine the root cause of failure in

  • New Formulation
  • Existing product domain
  • Customer complaint mapping
  • Validation of regulation on complaints

We also analyse and write failure reports and recommend the corrective action (CAPA) to prevent re-occurrence of problems, including Uncertainty.

We Provide

6. Training and Certifications:

We serve to Conduct training Programs for enhancement of knowledge and skill based approach of researchers and learnit i.e.

  • Fundamentals and Software framework of all Analytical instruments (GC, GCHS GCMS, Py-GCMS,ICPMS, FTIR,UV-Visible, DSC, TGA, Rheometer, HPLC,LCMS, PSA,etc.).
  • Role and implementation of Research in every Product development
  • Role of Quality Management System in every Product based Companies.

We also give solutions provide in details values to several registration and   certification Programs are as follows:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Laboratory Quality Management System(LQMS)
  • ISO/ISE 17025: 2017 NABL
  • GLP(Good Lab Practices)
  • FSSAI Registration and Certification
  • 5S Management System
  • Measurements of Uncertainty(MOU)

We Provide

7. Laboratory Testing and Management System:

We provide support to work with several analysis and testing Facilities or we can help to design new lab set up i.e.

  • Food Laboratory Services
  • Environmental Laboratory Services
  • Chemical Laboratory Services
  • Polymer Laboratory Services
  • Dairy Products Laboratory Services
  • Water Laboratory Services
  • Printing Ink/Paint laboratory Services
  • Designing and needs of any analytical setup

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8. Product Safety Compliance and Regulations:

Serving industries to understand and verify safety compliance and regulation guidelines of each industrial product as per required regulatory guidelines, all  the essential legal requirements in the form of directives, regulations and harmonized standards.

  • Preparation of COA(Certificate of Analysis)
  • Preparation and writing of SOPs(Standard Operating Procedure)
  • Preparation of MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)
  • Certification of product safety Compliances(REACH)
  • Product formulation check
  • Raw materials mapping
  • Solution to replacement in existing formulation as per desired guidelines

We Provide

9. Business Development and Planning

We serve our skills to provide insight towards the new product market for new business development by technology incubation.

We guide for new startup also along with from scratch to all product, all from grounding support.

We do help to plan the e business as per the client need and budget.

Our intention is keeping Innovation and sustainability is our prime focus, and it’s for client benefit only.