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A Research Consulting service provider in India with focus on different chemistries involved in the development of products i.e. Agrochemicals, Pesticides, Chemicals, Biocides, Cosmetics, Consumer Products, Green Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Food and Environmental Studies.

The Chem Cred Consultancy is on the brink of profound change. Epic disruption is bringing new challenges and opportunities for those ready to seize them. Combination of new ideas with experience of researchers of deep industry expertise across all chemical segments, we combine our imagination and research knowledge with the latest chemical industry trends to apply innovation, transformational strategies and digital enablement and resilient operations. We are here to serve each  type of industry to provide solution using research as a basic tool or we can say the only tool.


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A accomplished Techno-Commercial Experts with fresh mindset of research and development   for more than 16years, specialized in creation of technologies and Techno-Commercial assistance to unlock the value and unleash the entrepreneurial zeal while managing risk.

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New product development, Research and development, Lab setup, Plant Setup, NABL documentation (NABL 17025 2017) accreditatio, Training and Certification, SOP’s writing, Method Validation and Verification, Route Cause Analysis, Failure analysis to report corrective action and Preventive Action(CAPA), Analytical Services, Uncertainty Analysis, Scale up Services, Third party contract Research, Team Building, Technology building...

Expert/Advisor at Chem cred Consultancy Services!

Dr. Ruchi Gupta has 16 years’ vast research experience with several chemistries and molecules for new products development. Author is highly focused, result-driven Scientist with credible experience of research in commercialization of products from R&D stage following entire innovation process by reverse engineering and synthesizing new innovative product and quality assuring the synthesized product using all the state-of-the art analytical tools.

Dr. Ruchi Gupta PHD In Chemistry

Dr. P. Arora, a competent Scientist with rich experience in the field of research and development, new product development, formulation designing and quality evaluation. She has 16 years’ rich experience in the field of adhesives, paints and coatings, high refractive index optical polymers, intra-ocular lenses, metal containing polymers, natural polymers, polymer nanocomposites and surfactants.

Dr. P. Arora Competent Scientist,

A versatile researcher with credible experience in specialty chemicals especially polyurethane, sustainable polymers. She is basically hold the hand solution when it comes to R & D of any innovative solution.

Pallavi Gupta Masters in Instrumentation

A expert of literature and intellect. She is a person with mind to solve anything comes to her as her view point is to solve any problem by reading and implementing.

Shivani Masters in Organic chemistry

Expert in Research & development with very insightful experience of more than three years with the expertise in analysis with in depth know how on cross-verification, quality checks,

Ritu Gupta Masters in Organic Chemistry

Researcher with great understanding of literature and a strong mind. Reading and evaluating research article captivates her curiosity in finding solutions to the never ending researcher area. Has indepth knowledge in synthesis , analysis of Inorganic complexes, polyurethanes, and waste water treatment. Her primary strength is reading research papers and patents, as well as extracting the necessary knowledge from them. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in the subject of polymers.

Ms Pooja Singh Masters in Inorganic Chemistry

Ms. Vinee Gupta is an AMU Aligarh alumnus with about four years of experience as Research Chemist. She has a deep understanding in the field of synthesis of adhesives for flexible and rigid packaging solutions. She had also worked on polyurethane dispersions and has an expertise in handling instruments. Apart of this she has also studied and implemented the Indian packaging standards at Indian Institute of Packaging. She is a researcher with vibrant approach to deal with the challenges and solve them in simplistic manner.

Ms. Vinee Gupta R&D Department as Scientist (Advisor).

This is Nisha Chaudhary graduate in chemical engineering and having 1 year experience as QC analysts and 2 years of experience as chemist in research and development of water-based polymer products and coatings .

Nisha Chaudhary Graduate in Chemical Engineering

I'm Rashmita, Masters in Instrumentation having a deep understanding of all kind of instruments and a good knowledge of handling HPLC, IR, UV, KF, LOD, TLC instruments. I have a great awareness in Analytical development and validation department.

Rashmita Masters in Instrumentation


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Dr. Ruchi Gupta Chief Technology Officer, Google

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Dev Gupta Developer